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Windows XP/7/8/10
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Welcome to #1 Classic Solitaire website!

About #1 Classic Solitaire
Our game follows the rules for the popular solitaire game called Klondike. This is the card game most people think of when someone mentions Solitaire. Windows Solitaire is another popular example of Klondike.

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We've attempted to take this basic solitaire game to the next level.
Other solitaire software usually has a few features and a lot of different
games to play. While it's fun to play other variations of Solitaire it can be a pain learning all of the new rules. We are trying to take a game everyone knows and add extra features so there's more fun with less work. This is a free Solitaire game that's easy to learn and more entertaining than the rest.

Some of our great features

  • The only Solitaire game (we know of) that lets you cheat Interactive hint mode to help new players and lazy onesWorld-wide high score page so you can compete with the bestSimple user interface for more fun and less confusion
  • Free trial so you can see all the rest

Remember to come back in the future

We're currently slaving away on the keyboard designing more great features for the next revision. Please come back soon to download the latest improvements to our Solitaire game. In addition, please contact us if you have feedback of any kind. If you enjoy our game please leave positive feedback on download.com. 








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