Rewards Multiply, A Fun Math Game For Children
Rewards Multiply - the educational child game






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Rewards Multiply helps children learn their multiplication tables

Rewards multiply is an educational child game for Windows, which makes learning the multiplication tables fun and easy.

Motivating the child

the childs prize Children are motivated to memorize their multiplication tables because they can earn rewards (prizes). During the program setup, the parent provides details on the rewards they are willing to offer.

At the beginning of each game round (25 cards) the child picks a prize they will work for. 

The game

the educational blackboard in the game Music, interactive sounds and attractive graphics help to create an enjoyable, and at the same time educational, experience. Rewards Multiply will teach your child shortcuts for solving problems whenever possible.

Messages are shown at regular intervals to tell the child how numbers are multiplied. With the help of simple rules (i.e.add a zero on the end of any number you multiply by 10) they will only need to memorize a small subset of the 169 flash cards. 

Educational aspects

Each card in the game is presented at least 3 times with increasing difficulty. This helps your child gradually master each problem. Review problems are presented according to how challenging they are for your child. The more often an educational problem is missed, the more likely it will be presented to increase familiarity.

A simple game interface

a sample multiplication the child might meet in the game The game's simple interface promotes unsupervised learning without requiring previous computer experience. It's easy to learn the game. The interface is designed for children, but nevertheless the game is educational and gives the child an easy and fun way to learn math.

The child's performance

An ongoing progress report is available detailing your child's performance.

the child's educational progress

At a glance you can pinpoint challenging problems and provide extra help where it's needed. Use the progress report to follow the child's progress from an educational point of view and check how many times he or she has played the game and with what results.

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