Welcome to Computer Solution Central. We are a couple of great guys writing software that's actually useful. At least that's our hope. All the software you see on this site is software that we wrote. So when you contact us for support you are talking to the people who actually wrote the software. Check back with us because we are continually adding new products. If you have an idea or a need for some software contact us and we will work with you to get you something that will make your life easier.

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Here are just some of the things people are saying

about our software:


"Your program is simple, user friendly and functional.
(You may want to make the screen a little flashier - but at the end of the day - it suits my purposes excellently.) - I am lost without the program"
- Eric (product:CSC Date Calculator for Windows CE)


"I have played a number of games and everything else is Tic Tackety Boo!! One small problem, though, the computer seems to be somewhat smarter this time around. Any chance of fixing that!?!!" - Iren (product: Tic Tac Total)

"A very enjoyable game. Super graphics, fun to play. Thanks for your hard work." - Marty (product: Tic Tac Total)



"Thanks again for all of your support. As for now, I'm really "lovin" it." - Pat (product: CSC Date Calculator for Windows)

"Thanks for being so kind and helpful. The program, ID, and all work fine. I really do like the program. It was just what I was looking for, to the letter. I'm in construction and there are times when someone will tell me how many days I've been on their job, and I know it hasn't been that long. They, of course, count weekends, holidays, and everything else. This will help me to quickly let them know how long I've actually been on it since I've had it, or how long I'll be before I'm finished without counting weekends or holidays into my actual work time. Thanks again, Very satisfied." -Michael (product: CSC Date Calculator for Windows)


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